Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Like a Musiq Soulchild Album

To me your like a song and "AIJUSWANNASEING" , your a picture of perfection and your image is "SOBEAUTIFUL".
Girl can you just "STOPLAYIN" and "TEACH ME" how to "LOVE" you in a way that would make your knees weak.
There are many reasons why I like you but one thing is because your "NEWNESS", your naturalness is immaculate, this gives me every reason to thank your "MOTHERFATHER"
it was them you created you.

Please"JUSLISTEN" to my heart, with you I dont wanna be "JUST FRIENDS" I wanna be the one you call your man, your "BUDDY" your everything like an umbrella in the rainy days or even like a poem needs text.
I can feel it and you are that "SOMEONE" that has a really "SPECIAL"
place in my heart and "IFULEAVE" I would fall apart, like the leaves of a lifeless flower, I would be so poignant and "SPEACHLESS" cos like a winner of a major competition I think personally "DESERVEUMORE", than any person in the wrold.
All i ask is that you "SETTLEFORMYLOVE".
In the past I learned from my mistakes by getting "CAUGHTUP" by "PREVIOUSCATS" but now I’ve told them "SOLONG" it’s that "TIME" to make you my "BESTFRIEND"
"MYGIRL" and call you my "BABYGIRL".
As long as it is "YOU&ME" our "LOVE"
can be so great, words couldn’t describe it, so I would spell it out numerically like "143".
With you in my life I can instantly tell that I am a "BETTERMAN" for this I will make sure that i treat u like a princess and my main aim will be to "MAKEYOUHAPPY".
It may sound "RIDICULOUS" but i think that you are that person who can give me the "GREATESTLOVE" and make me feel as if I hit the lotto and become a "MILLIONAIRE"
cos having you is like having my "MONEYRIGHT".
There are so many but "THEREASON" I love you is because you make my "FUTURE" look bright and if things stay the way they are I would share with the world, like a
"POPARATZI" makes a living showing the people that you are the "LOVEOFMYLIFE".

"HALFCRAZY" is an understatment, im infactuated, passionate and I would write my love out through Musiq and play it "ONMYRADIO”

::*Ants//DaWriter*:: enjoy...